Charter locations

A Mediterranean yacht charter makes for the ultimate vacation with it’s fine culture, finer boats and beautiful sparkling waterways. There are immensely interesting and diverse places all over the Mediterranean.


The beneficial infrastructure with short travel time in between destinations, the various international airports and the ease of a familiar European culture, increases the comfort and security of a charter, both individually and in a practical perspective. These are among the reason why LYCC only charter I the Mediterranean. Matching the right location for you is the fundament of a great experience. Read more about some of the different charter locations below.


The beautiful French coastal town of Antibes is located between Nice and Cannes. The old town is very charming with small winding paths and alleys with cozy restaurants, exciting shops and small squares. The area around Antibes is rich in cultural life. Along the coast of Antibes there are several beautiful sandy beaches.


Barcelona is located on a slope tilted towards the Mediterranean Sea. The city is a fine mix of beautiful architecture, good food and great atmosphere. From Barcelona it is possible to explore the Balearic Islands such as Mallorca, or sail down the beautiful Spanish coastline.


Croatia’s second largest city, Split, has direct access to the calm waters of the Adriatic Sea. The area around Split is known for its beautiful nature and its crystal clear blue waters. There are many different islands around Split. Some centuries old historic towns with exciting shops and good restaurants. Other islands are still uninhabited.


Sardinia is known for the luxurious lifestyle, white sandy beaches, spectacular pine tree landscapes with mountains peaking up in every direction. The tourist friendly island offers great opportunities for exploration on- or off-shore, a rich culture with a well-flavoured cuisine and several charming port towns and exceptional festivals throughout the summer months.