Yachts for charter

Look forward to charter this super yacht in season 2019. You can already book the Phoenix now for your summer holiday in 2019.
Available for charter in season 2020
118 feet (36m) / 8 guests / TBA

What the Black Stallion is for the wild west, Celcascor is for the Mediterranean. Step onboard and ride with pride, joy and comfort on azure-blue, crystal clear waters.

130 feet (40m) / 9 guests / TBA

Sink deep into the mesmerizing rhythm of the hull skipping the waters. Like music, Ray III will bring you places. Places that will make you feel like every violin in the orchestra is playing in absolute harmony.
91 feet (28m) / 9 guests / TBA

Like an agent, heading for destination, Mr. M will make sure you arrive, not only with sophistication, but with a level of class and comfort vital for a yacht like this.

82 feet (25m) / 6 guests / TBA

In a classic, timeless styling, Phantom of London charms the waters with elegance and class. Phantom of London will take you exactly where you want to go, while swinging by memory lane.

55 feet (17m) / 6 guests / TBA

This sophisticated yacht is with her range of entertainment facilities the ideal charter yacht for socializing and entertainment.

115 feet (35 m) / 10 guests / TBA